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At times prospective clients will contact us to discuss a project that requires an illustration specialty. We strive to always create a solution for every client. Therefore we maintain a large database of artists who specialize in very specific skills and/or subject matter. We will always thoroughly vet an illustrator prior to presenting their talent to a client.

An example is a recent project completed for the Metropolitan Airports Commission(MAC) by Funnel, Inc. of a total info-graphic map re-design for the MSP Airport's web site to better assist travelers in negotiating all locations and services. This page shows a few samples of that work.

samples samplesbutton1samplebutton2samplebutton3

The full range of this project is best viewed at the new MSP Airport web site.

We have resourced many specialty commissions including:



3-D Rendering

Broadcast Animatics and many more.

MSP Map Graphic